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Type & Individualism

Housing with Diverse Clusters 

Time: 2018 Fall

Team: Wei Jiao, Ziyu Cheng

Role: Researcher, Architectural Designer

Tool: Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

What is Type & Individualism?

During the last decades there has been an over emphasis of speed in Chinese cities. Houses, shop, offices and again more houses are constructed in high gear. However, all these houses are in the same format. The combination of high speed, the struggle to solve similar housing problems (orientation, daylight, ventilation, safety) and the opportunism sometimes of our profession have led to the construction of massive towers and slabs with repetitive housing units which discourage diversity, flexibility and individuality. These repetitive urban forms deny the individual desires of inhabitants and the collective needs as society. They fail in many cases to reflect and respond to the uniqueness of its physical context, cultural environment and social reality. 

It has always been MVRDV’s ultimate mission to call for individualism which can be connected with density and therefore with collectivism, and this has been the initial desire for this project.

Starting from personal interest which can help to connect people together, this project aims to define space of clusters to ‘collect’ youngsters of the same interest together, thus helping to build up relationship. By creating unique housing units and common spaces within and outside clusters. This whole building can be defined as an aggregation of private spaces, semi-private spaces and public spaces.


Form of TWIST

What is Type & Individualism?
Form of TWIST
Programs of TWIST

Programs of TWIST

What is the Life like in Six TWIST Clusters?

Life in Six TWIST Clusters

There are in total six clusters of housing in this building based on young people's interests. People are more connected to each other for the reason of interest. Playing video games, doing some artwork, cooking delicious food, walking your dog, surfing the Internet and dancing together are the six themes of these clusters. No matter who you are and where you come from, we hope that you can always find the group that you belong to

This is not just one place to stay, but to live!


Bring People Together!


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